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StarPU v1.3.9 available

StarPU v1.3.8 available

Migration of StarPU mailing lists

StarPU v1.3.7 available

StarPU v1.3.6 available

StarPU v1.3.5 available

StarPU: Migration to gitlab

StarPU v1.2.10 released

StarPU v1.3.4 available

StarPU v1.2.9 released

StarPU v1.3.3 available

StarPU v1.3.2 available

StarPU v1.1.8 released

StarPU v1.3.1 released

StarPU v1.3.0 released

Second release candidate for StarPU v1.3.0 available

StarPU v1.2.8 released

StarPU v1.2.7 released

First release candidate for StarPU v1.3.0 available

StarPU v1.2.6 released

StarPU v1.2.5 released

StarPU training course at Maison de la Simulation

StarPU: From SVN to GIT

implicit asynchronous partitioning landed in trunk!

Interest in StarPU Users' Days

StarPU v1.2.3 released

StarPU v1.2.2 released

Fwd: [hpc-announce] PATC training Runtime systems for heterogeneous platform programming, May 29-30, Maison de la Simulation (Saclay)

StarPU v1.1.7 released

StarPU v1.2.1 released

StarPU v1.1.6 released

StarPU v1.2.0 released

StarPU v1.2.0rc6 released

Engineer job offer: Improvement of a runtime system for the development of fast numerical methods.

StarPU v1.2.0rc5 released

StarPU v1.1.5 released

StarPU v1.2.0rc4 released

StarPU v1.2.0rc3 released

StarPU v1.2.0rc2 released

Fwd: [calcul] Formation PATC quot;Runtime systems for heterogeneous platform programming quot;, 4-5 juin, Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

StarPU v1.2.0rc1 released

StarPU v1.1.4 released

StarPU talk at maison de la simulation in Paris

StarPU v1.1.3 released

Task pipelining commited to trunk

fxt 0.3.0 released

StarPU v1.1.2 released

StarPU v1.1.1 released

starpu v1.1.0 released

starpu v1.1.0rc4 released

starpu v1.1.0rc3 released

starpu v1.1.0rc2 released

starpu v1.1.0rc1 released

C Languages Extensions for StarPU

[plafrim-users] Summer School � Programming Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures �

[Fwd: Summer School « Programming Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures »]

StarPU v1.0.5 released

Temanejo support: graphically single-stepping tasks!

StarPU at SuperComputing'12

Problem in installation of StarPU

StarPU v1.0.4 released

StarPU v1.0.3 released

starpu v1.0.2 released

StarPU v1.0.1 released

StarPU v1.0.0 released

StarPU 1.0.0rc4 released

StarPU 1.0.0rc3 released

starpu v1.0.0rc2 released

starpu v1.0.0rc1 released

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